Massey University – A Top Government University in New Zealand

Massey University of New Zealand is ranked amongst the top 500 in the world. It has three campuses in Palmerston North, Albany in Auckland and Wellington. The University provides education of high standard, good care and support to all students and a welcoming environment in all three campuses where students are always encouraged to perform and excel. Continue reading “Massey University – A Top Government University in New Zealand”

Auckland University of Technology – A Leading New Zealand University

New Zealand is recognized for its world class education system. It is quiet, easy going and one of the safest countries in the world. A small country with a lot of diversity, you come across many different kinds of people. New Zealand has world class Universities and Institutes providing higher education, and the degrees awarded are recognized and respected internationally. Continue reading “Auckland University of Technology – A Leading New Zealand University”

Benefits of Overseas Education

Education is man’s best friend goes a popular saying. In earlier times in India, gaining education was more localized, or at the most you travelled to a nearby city say from Hyderabad to Manipal or Bangalore for your Engineering course. But now, there has been a huge paradigm shift and with the opening up of economies, education  Continue reading “Benefits of Overseas Education”

University College Dublin

Career Opportunities in Ireland after studying at UCD

The Smurfit School of Business at the University College Dublin, Ireland is offering some great scholarships to select students for their MBA and MSc programs. In addition, the Irish University Association has also announced some full scholarships, covering 100% of tuition fee and living expenses, specifically for Indian post Continue reading “University College Dublin”

MBA in New Zealand

The MBA programs in New Zealand are specifically designed for those who have acquired some work experience. To gain entry into an MBA program, one needs to have at least 2 years of work experience, though some institutions may look at people with a minimum 3 years experience. More experience is expected of  Continue reading “MBA in New Zealand”

The ABCDE of Study Abroad

Choosing the right option to study abroad – whether going for an undergraduate or a postgraduate program – can be a daunting task for most. With so many countries and institutions to choose from, students and parents alike can get easily confused by information overload. Moreover, with the amount of clatter generated  Continue reading “The ABCDE of Study Abroad”