Massey University – A Top Government University in New Zealand

Massey University of New Zealand is ranked amongst the top 500 in the world. It has three campuses in Palmerston North, Albany in Auckland and Wellington. The University provides education of high standard, good care and support to all students and a welcoming environment in all three campuses where students are always encouraged to perform and excel.

Massey University has wide range of Study Options – Undergraduate degrees, Graduate Diplomas, Post Graduate Diploma and Masters and also PhD where students have varied research areas to opt for. One can look at all possible options in Business, Health, Sciences, Creative arts, Humanities and Social Sciences. It has many different faculties one can choose from.

The Postgraduate Diploma in Business and Administration has many majors — Accountancy , Aviation, Banking, Journalism, Sport Management etc. Post graduate Diploma is a study pathway towards Masters Degree.

Massey University has many formal international agreements and joint research collaborations worldwide, and is a leader in International student pathways.

Massey Business School is NZ’s largest school. It is recognized by the global accreditation body AACSB. Graduating from the Massey Business School with world class service and research will help an individual personally and also his or her organization to gain an edge.

Massey University has its own Library in Albany, Manawatu and Wellington which provides lots of information in printed and electronic books, research, journals all possible support to meet the learning’s and teachings.

Graduating from Massey University can lead to a successful career in New Zealand as well as internationally. Students can meet the International Massey Support Team for any information or support in matter of visa, accommodation, immigration and life in NZ. Students can work part-time to support their income and gain valuable work-experience while studying. International students who have achieved a New Zealand qualification are allowed to search for a job after completion of their course, and get additional 12 months to stay back and look for a job in a field related to their studies. The country also offers very good immigration opportunities, the details of which can be seen on the Immigration New Zealand official website.