UNITEC – Largest Institute of Technology in New Zealand

Unitec is the top Institute of Technology in New Zealand, having its main campus in Auckland, the largest city with many different cultures and nationalities. Many varied events like festivals, concerts, sport tournaments and cultural events keep happening throughout the year in Auckland.

Unitec offers programmes in diverse fields such as Business, Art, Design, Computing, Architecture etc at Bachelor’s, Master’s and Doctorate level. The degrees awarded are recognized internationally.

The popular Postgraduate courses at Unitec which can be completed in 18-24 months are Master of Business, Master of Design, Master of Computing, Master of Architecture and Master in Osteopathy — the only NZ Institute that offers this course and helps graduates to register with the Osteopathy Council of NZ as well as practice as an Osteopath. Unitec also has 1 year courses like Post Graduate Diploma in Business, Post Graduate Diploma in Computing, Graduate Diplomas etc.

Unitec has very strong links with industry, and thus prepares graduates to face the challenging world with confidence. It has a blend of many international students. The environment at Unitec is extremely friendly, with many flexible study programmes to choose from. Guidance by trained and experienced professors helps to build up the skill that is needed for one’s career.

Unitec provided number of services to students, be it career services for taking the correct  pathway, to study advice for enrolling  into a programme that suits your experience or qualification.

Besides a qualification which helps in future career, a qualification from Unitec also helps groom and educate you to be eligible to get a job with inbuilt skills and potential. Having limited number of students in each class helps in knowing each and everyone in person, and in providing full support to each individual to perform and succeed.

Unites Courses are open to all International students from across the world. Students can work part-time too and gain valuable work-experience. International students who have achieved a New Zealand qualification can further stay an additional year to search for a job in their field. More details can be seen on the New Zealand immigration website.