Best MSc Data Analytics Course in Ireland Offered by Top Universities

Data Analytics Course in Ireland

The demand for data analytics courses is growing every day, with students coming from all over the world. Companies like Google, Facebook, etc., have made it an indispensable part of their operations. Numerous students worldwide are interested in learning more about Data Science from reputed universities and colleges in Australia, the USA, the UK, and Ireland, just to name a few.

An Irish master’s degree in data analytics can help you gain an edge in any organisation where big data is integral to the organisation’s success. Suppose you Study in Ireland for a master’s degree in Data Analytics. In that case, it is typically integrated with computing science and data science, allowing students to pursue careers as data analysts or data scientists.

You can become a professional data scientist in the long run by pursuing an MSc in Data analytics in Ireland. With a range of theoretical tools, this course helps you analyse large sets of data and solve complex scientific problems. Aside from that, it develops a wide range of practical programming and data analytics skills involving high-performance computing applications.

Masters in Data Analytics

In Ireland, master’s degree programs in data analytics are among the most popular. Irish colleges and universities are renowned internationally, so international students want to study there. International students interested in big data analytics can enrol in Ireland’s MS in Data Analytics program. The MS in Data Analytics degree in Ireland gives graduates a competitive edge in organisations where big data plays a significant role.

Top Universities for MS in Data Analytics in Ireland prepare students to become leaders in data analytics by producing high-quality, technically competent, innovative graduates. International students can earn a Data analytics masters in Ireland in one year, which enables them to extract information from large amounts of data quickly. With Masters in Ireland, you can find the right postgraduate data analytics course in Ireland for your needs.

Subsequently, graduates of the Master’s degree Courses in Ireland can find employment in diverse data analytics sectors, such as computation, engineering, and financial modelling.

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Courses for Data Analytics

What are the courses for Data Analytics offered in Ireland?

It is extremely important to choose the right course at the right university when Study Ireland.

  • MSc in Big Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence
  • MSc in Data Analytics
  • MSc in Computing (Data Analytics)
  • MSc in Data & Computational Science
  • MSc in Social Data Analytics
  • MSc in Big Data Analytics
  • MSc in Data Science and Analytics

Why Study for a Master’s In Data Analytics In Ireland?

  • According to Harvey Nash/KPMG’s 2019 CIO Survey Report, big data analytics and business analytics rank among the top 5 scarcest skills globally.
  • According to The Global 2020 rankings, six Irish universities offer master’s degrees in data analytics.
  • After obtaining a master’s degree from the Irish subcontinent, students can apply for a 2-year Post-Study Work Visa.
  • Several Irish universities offer students the opportunity to work in 27 EU nations, exposing them to the sector on an international scale.
  • As a result of the quality of living, peace, and equality, Ireland is rated among the top 20 safest countries in the world.
  • There are over 20000 jobs available for MS in Data Analytics graduates on the Irish subcontinent.
  • As an industry-driven course, the Masters in data analytics Ireland has the highest employability in this field. Ireland has a very high employability rate of 92%.
  • The country houses several leading technology brands, including Google, Amazon, and Facebook. As a result, graduates with a degree in data analytics will have no problem finding a job that meets their needs.

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Which are the top universities that offer this course?

The MS in Computer Science (Data Science) program at Trinity College Dublin (TCD)

Among Ireland’s top universities, TCD is number one. A total of 18 subjects are ranked among the top 100 in the world. A high-quality research environment is offered at Trinity by two of the six research bodies funded by SFI.

Trinity College Dublin’s MSc program offers four computer science specialisations. A key component of this program is the Data Science strand. A data science master’s program at Trinity College Dublin ranks third among EU institutions.

Master of Science in Social Data Analytics at UCD

50,000 data scientists are needed in Ireland, according to a press release published by UCD. To meet this need, UCD has positioned itself perfectly. Universities in Ireland for Masters are the second best place in Ireland to pursue an MSc in Data Analytics; it’s also the 10th best in Europe.

University College Dublin’s MS program is specifically designed to cater to individuals who are interested in analysing social behaviour and gaining relevant insights. In the field of computing, UCD has a long & marvellous history.

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A Data Science and Analytics Master’s degree from University College Cork (UCC) is ranked number 30 in the world.

Living in Cork is one of the best things you can do in the EU for a great education. It has also served as a great centre of learning in Western civilisation aside from its jauntiness. Professor George Boole, the founder of Boolean Algebra, spent his time teaching mathematics.

In Ireland, you’ll be exposed to one of the most sustainable campuses in the world when you study at UCC. You will earn your MSc in Data Analytics here, at a campus with a record number of students and state-of-the-art facilities that will be an asset to your learning experience.

Data Analytics MSc at National University of Ireland, Galway

NUI Galway offers the MSc in Data Analytics through a team of highly respected academics considered international experts in their fields.

Data mining, machine learning, deep learning, information retrieval, natural language processing, visualisation, web mining, linked data analytics, simulation and modelling, and digital image processing are among the topics covered.

The programme is designed for graduates with primary qualifications in Computer Science or a closely related field.

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