Why choose Trinity College Dublin for MBA?

If you are looking for a university that will provide you with world-class education, collaborative engagement, and research-oriented study methods- Trinity College Dubin is the perfect choice for you! This article will guide you on the advantages of choosing Trinity College Dublin for an MBA degree. Continue reading “Why choose Trinity College Dublin for MBA?”

Benefits of Overseas Education

Education is man’s best friend goes a popular saying. In earlier times in India, gaining education was more localized, or at the most you travelled to a nearby city say from Hyderabad to Manipal or Bangalore for your Engineering course. But now, there has been a huge paradigm shift and with the opening up of economies, education  Continue reading “Benefits of Overseas Education”

University College Dublin

Career Opportunities in Ireland after studying at University College Dublin

The Smurfit School of Business at the University College Dublin, Ireland is offering some great scholarships to select students for their MBA and MSc programs. In addition, the Irish University Association has also announced some full scholarships, covering 100% of tuition fee and living expenses, specifically for Indian post Continue reading “University College Dublin”