Do Consultants Really Help Students to Study Abroad?

Nowadays, most students aspire to get an overseas degree – this is both due to the tough competition in India to get into a reputed college or University, and also because of the very good standard of education abroad with stress on practical aspects of education.

A study abroad consultant plays a vital role in making this easier for the students, assisting them with the course and University information, and also with easy and hassle-free application processing and visa consultation. Students should approach an education consulting agency to achieve more information about their desired course, university, and country.

An overseas education consultant’s role is to coordinate with the University to secure admission. They are going to have the answers to all your queries associated with the course, budget, accommodation, lifestyle, etc.

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Who is a Study Abroad Consultant?

Before planning anything, it is essential to be clear about your career objectives. Which country do you want to study in? Which course or program do you prefer? Which universities or colleges you are targeting? There will be a lot of questions in your mind, so you must start gathering more information on the same.

As a first step, you should list down everything on paper, and do your own initial research. Once you recognize the outlines of your plan, you should then look for someone who could provide more information.

One should approach a Study Abroad Consultant at this stage, as a good consultant who has been in business for a long time (at least 10-15 years) would have information from experience that might not always be mentioned on the University websites.

Why go for a Study Abroad Consultant?

As mentioned, the first step is to look at the University websites and collect information about the University, courses, costs, etc. However, while the online resources have a lot of information, they would never have ALL of it.

The experienced Study Abroad Consultancies would have a lot of information gained by interacting directly with the Universities and the past students, so as to know more accurately about the courses, job opportunities after the course, financial planning required, visa extensions, immigration processes, etc.

A good consultancy will assist you to find and choose the right country, University, and course, according to your academic and professional background and your requirements.

A Study Abroad Consultancy makes the process much easier and trouble-free, with you having an option available locally to contact for any query whatsoever.

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What Services do the Abroad Education Consultants Provide?

Overseas education consultants provide help in many areas:

1. Evaluation of profile: The overseas education consultant will first understand the student’s profile then provide them with appropriate program possibilities depending on their background and academic percentages, and also advise the alternate options that could be considered.

2. Selecting the university: The expert counsellors will provide the students with practical insights and the benefits of different Universities, and thus assist him in making the final decision.

3. Admission Processing: The study abroad consultants will help students with the applications, organizing documents, reviewing their resumes and Statements of Purpose, and ensure that all aspects of the application process are taken care of.

4. Follow up with the University: Most good Universities get a large number of applications from across the globe, and the decisions can be delayed. A Study Abroad Consultant with University tie-ups can help in prioritising decisions by getting in touch with the applications team. It should however be noted that education consultants do not have any role in the selection process, and that is normally done by the University academics only.

5. Education Loans: The consultants can guide on education loans, and some consultants have direct tie-ups with authorised loan agencies/banks which makes the process easier for the students.

6. Visa Processing: The experienced consultants are also well aware of the documents required for the study visa Ireland, and some are also recognized by the embassies as such. So students get a better insight into the visa process and thus have a higher visa approval rate.

7. Other guidance: The consultants are also better placed to advise on other matters like flights, currency exchange options, lifestyle, financial planning, etc.

To conclude, a good Study Abroad Consultant is the key component in your quest for higher education. While a lot of information is available online, the practical side and the pitfalls can only be advised by people with experience, and so it is important to consult an organization and counsellors who have adequate experience in this area.

In most cases, consultancies have direct tie-ups with Universities to assist with admissions, so you do not need to pay anything extra for the services.

They guide you on admissions, scholarships, finances, visas, settling down the process, etc, and this is the help that you just cannot get online. So it may be a good idea to talk to various consultants in detail and select the right one according to your needs and requirements.

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