Study in Ireland: How to Apply for a Student Visa?

While planning for higher education, one of the first things to pay attention to would be the possibility of successfully getting a study visa.

Different countries have different requirements, but the one common thread in all study visa applications of international students that the consulates look at very closely is that the student should be planning to come genuinely for study, and is not an economic migrant.

The applicant should be able to clearly demonstrate that s/he is a genuine student, would abide by the study visa conditions, and not indulge in an activity that would be contrary to the purpose of travel.

The two most important factors thus are proving that the student has the right profile to pursue the course, and that s/he has the availability of sufficient funds for the duration of the study.

Types of Student Visa in Ireland

Ireland study visa requirements are no different.

However, the documentation requirement is significantly different from other countries, and this is where having a good overseas consultant becomes very important, as the counsellors can correctly advise you on the Ireland student visa requirements in detail, what all documents to include with the student visa application, and also how to present them in a structured format so that the visa officers can easily understand the suitability of the student to be given a visa for study in Ireland.

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What are the Documents Required for a Student Visa?

The student must first demonstrate that s/he is going for a course that suits the profile, and should be clearly able to demonstrate the career path that s/he expects after the course completion.

A genuine student puts in a lot of effort to research before finalising the course of study and the University, and this should clearly come out in the Statement of Purpose that is required for the Ireland study visa process.

How Many Funds are Required for an Ireland Student Visa?

The other and most important part of the Ireland student visa process is demonstrating that you have sufficient funds to take care of both your tuition and living expenses for the full duration of the course and that you can finance yourself without having to fall back upon the need to use public funds.

While you are allowed to work part-time while studying, one cannot include the projected income from part-time work towards the expenses, as part-time work availability is not guaranteed.

It is thus very important to determine right at the beginning of the process of shortlisting a country whether the student has enough funds available to show at the time of the visa application.

In the case of Ireland, the fund requirement is a little lower for the Master’s programs as the courses are of one-year duration, and hence typically cost half the amount as compared to a 2-year program in other countries like the US, Canada, and Australia.

How do I get a student visa for Ireland?

One unique factor of the Ireland study visa application is that there are no face-to-face interviews, and the decision is made on the basis of the documents presented.

The visa officers do not generally call back the students for extra documents in case something is missing, as it is a student’s responsibility to suitably demonstrate that he qualifies for a visa.

It is thus very important to have an experienced study visa consultant guiding you with the documentation, as they have years of experience and thus are aware of the way in which a study visa application for Ireland needs to be presented.

What Do Overseas Education Consultants Do?

It may be pertinent to note that the study visa approval rates for Ireland are typically in the range of 75 – 80%, whereas experienced Ireland education consultants have a close to 100% visa approval rate, purely because they are able to counsel the students to present their visa application in a structured manner.

So, it might be a good idea to put as much research into selecting a good overseas education consultant for Ireland as you do in selecting the course and University, as that may ultimately decide the final success of your mission to secure that overseas degree which you are aiming for.

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