Study in Ireland in 2023: Living Cost, Study Visa, Intake & More

Study in Ireland in 2023

Choosing Ireland as a study abroad destination is a great idea. Employers & industries recognise Ireland’s highest standard of education due to its remarkability & affordability. Besides having well-educated and skilled youth, Ireland also boasts a highly skilled labour force. Ireland has seven international universities ranked in the top 100 worldwide.

Ireland is a technological hub with many major multinational corporations headquartered here, ensuring the best study abroad experience. We will look at some factors that Indian students consider for studying in Ireland.

What is the Living Cost in Ireland For Indian Students?

Studying abroad for a bachelor’s or masters in Ireland for Indian students includes the cost of living in Ireland. It is the most important component of Ireland’s total study cost. Cost of living in Ireland will vary depending on your lifestyle, quality of accommodation, and other factors.

Part-time jobs in Ireland could be a way for students to pay their living expenses while they study abroad. Before enrolling in a course in Ireland, students should plan their expenses well in advance rather than rely on a part-time job to pay for them.

An international student’s cost of living in Ireland is approximately EUR 12,000/INR 9,54,000 each year. This includes electricity, rent, food, laundry, medicine and travel.

What is the Grading Scale System in Ireland?

There are slight differences in the grading systems used in universities in Ireland

for higher education institutions when evaluating student performance.

Most institutions that offer MBA in Ireland for Indian students require students to pass their courses with a minimum passing grade of at least 40% of their maximum score. The minimal passing grade for a course with a maximum grade of 100 points is 40. Higher education institutions in Ireland use the following grading system:

Grades equivalent in another country Explanation Scale
A (Excellent) First Class Honours 70% or above
B (Very good, with few mistakes) Upper Second Class 69% – 60%
C (Good, with some mistakes) Lower Second Class 59% – 50%
D (Fair, but many errors) Third Class 49% – 45%
E (Sufficient) Fail 40% -44%

Documents Required For Study Visa

What Documents Are Required For a Study Visa?

The students from India would be required to obtain a visa to further their education in Ireland. You will need supporting documentation if you apply for a student visa. They are:

  • The possession of a valid passport
  • Recent passport-sized photographs
  • Acceptance letter from the college/university
  • Payment of tuition fees and proof of registration
  • Documentation of financial resources
  • Exam scores for English Proficiency
  • Evidence for any gaps in your education.
  • A medical insurance policy

An overview of the academic pattern and intake session:

Irish universities typically hold their main intake session in September. However, some institutions also offer intakes in January and April. The National Framework of Qualifications (NFQ) is responsible for the education standards of Ireland.

A student can work 20 hours a week during academic months, and during vacations (May, June, and December), the limit is raised to 40 hours a week. The duration of a Bachelor’s program varies from 3-4 years, whereas a Master’s course is generally 1 year. Degrees from Irish Universities are widely accepted all over the world.

How Much Can Students Earn in Ireland While Studying

How Much Can Students Earn in Ireland While Studying?

The student-friendly visa policies are one of the main advantages of studying for a Masters in Ireland for Indian students. Indian students who plan to study at one of the top universities in Ireland for masters, should be aware that the Ireland Study Visa regulations regarding part-time employment for students are in place.

Indian students on an Irish Student Visa will have a Stamp 2 stamped on their passports. This stamp indicates that they are full-time students in Ireland and are studying in Ireland on the Interim List of Eligible Programmes.

Indian students are allowed to work 20 hours per week during the school year and 40 hours on holidays (summer and winter holidays) under Stamp 2A.

Your chances of landing a part-time job in Ireland significantly increase if you have previous work experience. But, it is not required. The minimum wage for part-time work in Ireland is EUR 10-12 an hr.


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  • Is Ireland good for Indian students?

Ireland’s teaching and education standards are of a high level, and career opportunities are plentiful. The Irish education system has gained recognition for its high quality, low living costs, and proximity to other European countries.

  • Is IELTS required for Ireland?

Students and faculty at Irish universities require IELTS (Academic), or other Standard Engligh Language Proficiency Tests to apply for Irish visas.

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