Why Do We Need an Education Consultant to Study Abroad?

Today, there are a lot of options of both countries and Universities to choose from when planning to study abroad. With hundreds of options of courses and all University websites giving almost similar details, it becomes very difficult to choose both the University and the course just by researching on the internet.

It is here that Study Abroad Consultants provide assistance. A Higher Education Consultant provides help with course selection, country selection, budgeting for the course, assistance with scholarships, and also help with the visa process.

While there are a lot of education options in India, most of them are not of very good quality in terms of academics. And the few world-renowned ones like the IITs and IIMs have an extremely tough entrance process, and not even 0.5% of all people who apply are able to get through in these institutions.

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In addition, the study in India is generally very theoretical, and that’s the reason why organizations need to train new recruits for at least a year for them to be productive.

It is thus that students turn towards overseas Universities for their course of choice, and after completion of the course, most students try to get work exposure there and also try to make a career in that country.

Abroad education consultants play a key role in helping students with the entire process. The country selection is usually the first step. While there are many countries that take in foreign students, the selection criteria for a country needs to be an objective process.

Students should usually try and go to an English-speaking country as it is much easier to adjust there in the long run without having to master another language.

The course structure and the University selection are very important, as is the budget for the study and stay. Those with a budgetary constraint should look at a 1-year Masters program instead of 2 years, as the cost works out on behalf.

And most importantly, students should look at the ease of work permits and permanent residency, and also the job opportunities after the course in their area of study. Students should ideally check the kind of industries and service organizations in the country before selecting the destination.

A good Study Abroad Consultant needs to have experienced counsellors who analyse the students’ profiles and requirements in detail, looks at the educational qualifications, academic grades, budget, etc, and then suggests the countries, courses, and Universities that they could look at.

Newstrides has been counselling students for more than 15 years, and has placed thousand of students in top Universities abroad. The teams at Newstrides have many years of experience in counselling, and are so able to understand the students’ requirements and suggest them the options accordingly.

Newstrides maintains a close contact with the partner Universities, and also helps students interact with the University representatives before making a decision to select the course and University.

With multiple offices across the country, Newstrides is able to give a personalised one on one consultation and thus help the students in realising their dream of getting a great education abroad.

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