Why You Should Pursue Your Post-Graduation in Ireland

Higher Education in Ireland has become increasingly popular for all International and particularly Indian students in the last 10 years, and more and more students are opting for Higher Education Institutions in Ireland to pursue their Masters courses, especially in the fields of IT, Engineering, Pharma and Business Management.

There are also many great work opportunities after completing masters in Ireland for Indian students, as the country offers excellent career prospects after course completion.

The capital city Dublin is home to some of the best Universities in Ireland, with the world-renowned Trinity College situated right in the centre of the city, and other top Universities in Ireland like University College Dublin, Dublin City University, TU Dublin, and Maynooth University situated in the city and its outskirts, providing world-class higher education.

There is a plethora of course options, with IT and semi-technical courses being the most popular. A lot of engineers and IT graduates look for IT and related courses, and some of the best Masters courses in Ireland preferred by Indian students are in the areas of Data Analytics, Business Analytics, Cyber Security, Artificial Intelligence, Software Engineering, Information Systems, etc.

MBA in Ireland universities is also very popular and can come with various specializations like Marketing, Finance, International Business, Cloud Computing, etc.

A lot of students in India also opt for other post-graduate courses like the Masters in Management, Project Management, Supply Chain Management, or the MSc in Marketing, Finance, Human Resource, Information Systems, etc.

Most Masters in Ireland are of one-year duration, and hence are academically more intense than a 2-year course. However, a shorter duration also means that the courses are half the price of similar programs in countries like USA, Canada, Australia, etc, and also help international students get to the workplace faster – the 2nd year which students in other countries spend in the University in Ireland is well utilised in paid work by students in Ireland as they would have completed the Masters program in 1 year.

The biggest advantage on study in Ireland for Indian students is however the presence of large multinational organizations offering fantastic work opportunities after completion of the Masters programs.

Ireland is considered to be the IT hub of Europe, with 80% of the top IT organizations having either their European or Global headquarters in Ireland. Organizations like Facebook, Intel, Google, Accenture, Apple, IBM, Microsoft, Dell, and many more have a huge presence, and are spread over all across Ireland.

Ireland also is one of the founder members of the EU, and is thus very well integrated with the European economy, and is the only English speaking country in the EU and thus a window to the entire English speaking world.

Students get 2-year post-study work visa after completion of their Masters to look for a job, and there is a well-defined visa progression policy in place that allows students to transition from study to work to settlement in the country quite easily.

Newstrides was one of the first Study Abroad Consultants to send students to Ireland for higher study, and have maintained our position as one of the topmost Higher Education Consultants for Ireland for more than 15 years.

Our counsellors are all well versed with the various course and University options in Ireland, and all our overseas study advisors have personally visited the Irish Universities and are also in direct contact with the International office of the Universities, thus greatly helping in quick admission decisions.

The counsellors also are fully aware of the visa process, and thus help the students thoroughly check their documents before submitting the visa application. Newstrides has maintained a near 100% visa success rate over the years, and has sent a very large number of students across all Universities and other Higher Education Institutions in Ireland.

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