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A Few Quick Facts About The Atlantic Technological University

  • ATU is one of the best technological universities in Ireland, with more than 600 graduate and postgraduate programs for students seeking higher education in Ireland.
  • Atlantic Technological University is spread across 9 spacious campuses in top locations like Galway, Mayo, Sligo, and Donegal. So, students can experience the rich culture of Ireland and also enjoy the urban infrastructure here. 
  • Atlantic Technical University hosts several events every year to generate an engaging experience on campus. The events are intelligently planned to encourage inclusion and expose the students to unlimited opportunities. 
  • ATU is home to 8 fully-equipped research facilities capable of conducting cutting-edge research on the latest operational challenges and technological developments in various industries. 
  • With more than 600 career-based programs, ATU exposes students to a wide range of employment and career development opportunities in Ireland. 

About ATU Campus Locations

The Atlantic Tech University has 9 campuses at locations like Galway, Mayo, Sligo, Letterkenny, Donegal, Killybegs, Letterfrack, and Mount Bellew. All the campuses are located in beautiful towns with rich Irish culture and beautiful scenic locations. For instance, Galway is popular for its festivities, local food, traditional music clubs, and local markets. Similarly, Letterkenny is known for St. Eunan’s Cathedral, The Pole Star Monument, Fanad Head Light House, and various other sightseeing locations. Sligo also offers several scenic green locations along the banks of the Garavogue River.

Surrounded by the beautiful Ox-Mountain Ridges and the Killery Mountain ranges on three sides, Sligo offers students a beautiful, natural, and empowering atmosphere on ATU campuses. For a nurturing atmosphere, ATU has specifically focussed on towns that have a vibrant local lifestyle. So, students get to participate in several educational as well as fun activities on and off campus.
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An Overview of Atlantic Technological University

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Atlantic Technological University focuses on delivering the best learning experience by providing a unique blend of academic excellence, opportunities, and quality of life for its students. It is one of the largest multi-campus universities in Ireland, offering more than 600 professional course programs to more than 23,000 students. The Technology University in Atlantic uses a collaborative approach where the students get to learn from real-life industry experts, company representatives, and experienced lecturers. So, the programs are more focused on practice-oriented learning that familiarises students with the latest technology, practical strategies, and decision-making and helps find solutions to real-life current challenges present in various industries. 
Further, Atlantic Tech University is well-known for its fully equipped research facilities where students work with several experts and develop innovative solutions that drive growth, sustainability, and opportunities. These unique strategies and research programs ensure that ATU students develop as global citizens, capable of working in top organisations at the forefront of development and growth in their respective fields of expertise.  

Popular Programs

at ATU 

With more than 600 courses applicants get to choose from a wide range of innovative courses at the Atlantic Technical University. 

Here are some of the most popular Master’s and Bachelor’s programs- 

Bachelor of Business Accounting

Bachelor of Engineering Agricultural Engineering

Bachelor of Arts Animation

BSc Applied Biology and Biopharmaceutical Science

BSc Architectural Technology

Biomedical Engineering

BSc Bioscience

Bachelor of Business

Bachelor of Engineering Civil Engineering

BSc Computer Games Development

BSc Computer Science

BSc Computer Science

BSc Cybersecurity and Digital Forensics

MSc HR Management and Employee Relations

MSc Marketing

Master of Arts UX Design and Applied Innovation

Why Study at Atlantic Technological University?

The Atlantic Technological University is not only one of the largest technological universities in Ireland but also a highly reputed educational
organisation. It is currently the first choice of thousands of applicants every year. Here are some reasons why- 

  • ATU is currently home to more than 23,000 students with an average of 5900 graduates every year. The ATU community of students and staff is a highly inclusive and engaging one, with its members coming from more than a hundred different countries.
  • ATU conducts several career development and student counselling events to help develop a global citizen mindset among the students and open up a wider array of opportunities for them.
  • With reasonable fees, better choice of courses, comprehensive facilities, and global placement opportunities, ATU has emerged as the top option for those who want to study in Ireland.

An Engaging Student Experience at ATU


Health, Mental Health, & Well-Being

The University of Atlantic Technology greatly values student experience, and to cultivate steady growth and productivity, the university has made ...strategic efforts to ensure student well-being. All the Atlantic Tech University campuses have dedicated teams of highly qualified experts providing various physical health, mental health, and overall well-being services. The students receive constant attention and friendly, easily accessible services, which include counselling, complaints registering, career guidance, and medical services.


Sports and

ATU provides and wide range of facilities for extra-curricular activities on campus. For instance, GMIT alone has over 70 clubs and societies ...where students can get involved in various activities and services. The societies are run voluntarily by students, and having a huge international community of international students and teachers ensures a highly inclusive atmosphere for all students. All ATU campuses have several indoor and outdoor sports facilities, and the students here actively participate in several tournaments and sporting events throughout the year.


Modern Accommodation & Facilities

Along with cutting-edge labs and research facilities Atlantic Technical University also offers highly urban accommodation facilities on all its ...campuses. The accommodation includes spacious rooms, libraries, study areas, cafes, and other amenities. The university also offers residence services for students looking for budget-friendly accommodation off-campus.

Placements at Atlantic Technological University

Placement Programs
ATU makes significant efforts to help students achieve their career goals with ease. A lot of postgraduate courses offered at ATU have included work placement programs that offer a 14-week working period with an employer. This allows the students to understand the practical work culture and gain experience in real-life working processes and their challenges. 

International Placements
Some programs do have an international placement program which covers a 14-week working period with an international employer. An international placement program is a great option for international students seeking international employment after course completion.

Career Counselling and Student Support
To further empower students and ensure quick employment, Atlantic Technology Institute has highly qualified experts offering career guidance, counselling, and student support services. These services help students build an attractive resume, develop a clear idea of their career paths, and learn key skills required to clear interviews. 

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