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Technological University TU Dublin

Interesting Facts

  • As Ireland’s first technological university, Technological University Dublin pioneers a new model of higher education.
  • With a large student body of over 28,000 pursuing diverse programs, TU Dublin has scale and diversity.
  • TU Dublin provides access to state-of-the-art technologies and futuristic working spaces across its campuses.
  • Strong links with industry partners shape TU Dublin’s courses to meet current real-world needs. From sports to societies and events, TU Dublin enables a vibrant student life beyond academics.
  • Leveraging its legacy institutes, TU Dublin delivers innovative technological education of the highest quality.
  • With partnerships spanning 37 countries, TU Dublin provides global exposure through student exchanges, research collaborations and more.
  • TU Dublin nurtures entrepreneurship through dedicated programs like Launchpad incubator and Enterprise Ireland partnerships.

About Dublin

Dublin, the energetic capital of Ireland, provides international students with an unmatched academic experience. Leading universities like Technological University Dublin offer innovative programs and pioneering research opportunities. With its amicable locals, abundant history, and dynamic cultural scene, Dublin warmly welcomes students from across the globe.
The city’s cozy size promotes a sense of kinship, enabling easy discovery of its lovely lanes, iconic sites, and scenic green spaces. Additionally, its prime location in Europe allows for convenient travel adventures. With an encouraging and embracing mood, Dublin is an ideal hub for international students to expand academically, socially, and individually.


Overview of Technological University Dublin


The Technology University Dublin (TU Dublin) is Ireland’s first technological university, established in 2019 from the merger of Dublin Institute of Technology (DIT), Institute of Technology Blanchardstown and Institute of Technology Tallaght. With a large and diverse student body of over 28,000 pursuing programs across diverse disciplines, TU Dublin has scale and breadth. It focuses on research, innovation and industry partnerships to equip students with real-world skills aligned to current needs. TU Dublin provides access to cutting-edge technologies and futuristic working spaces across multiple campuses in Dublin and enables students to gain invaluable global exposure through strategic partnerships across the world.


at Technological University Dublin

With its industry-aligned curriculum, TU Dublin offers an array of exciting undergraduate and postgraduate programmes:

Here are some of the most popular Technological University Dublin courses

BA Film and Media Production

BSc Computing

BEng Electronic and Computer Engineering

BSc Product Design

MSc Cybersecurity

MSc Data Analytics

MEng Biomedical Engineering

MSc Management

MBA Aviation Management

Why Study at Technological University Dublin?

There are several compelling reasons to choose Technological University Dublin:

  • Industry-Focused Education: The university supports entrepreneurship through business incubators and industry competitions.Students can access work placements and internships to gain professional experience before graduating.Industry experts frequently guest lecture to provide real-world perspectives.
  • Research Excellence: Through interdisciplinary centres, TU Dublin brings together experts across fields to tackle complex challenges.The university encourages undergraduate students to participate in research projects to develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills.TU Dublin researchers actively commercialize technologies for societal impact.
  • Excellent Facilities: Simulation labs, creative studios, innovation spaces and more provide immersive practical learning.The university’s advanced prototyping and manufacturing equipment allow students to take ideas from concept to reality. The facilities create an energizing environment for experiential learning.
  • Global Partnerships: TU Dublin attracts international students from over 90 countries, providing a multicultural experience on campus. The university facilitates faculty exchanges to promote collaboration on an international scale. Global partnerships provide international exposure for students and staff.
  • Vibrant Experience: A full calendar of events fosters a sense of community, from orientation activities to cultural celebrations. An active Students’ Union represents the student voice and organizes recreational activities on campus. Support services enhance physical and mental wellbeing.

Exciting Student Life at Technological University Dublin


Clubs and Societies

Leadership opportunities allow students to organize and manage club activities based on shared interests. The wide range caters to diverse passions dance, entrepreneurship, languages and more. Regular club events and networking enable students to make new friends. Joining relevant clubs allows students to pursue their interests and build relationships.

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Sports and Fitness

With on-campus gyms, swimming pools, courts and playing fields, TU Dublin provides venues for recreation, intramural sports, and inter-varsity competitions. ...Sports scholarships are available to recruit talented student athletes. Group fitness classes offer a social way to exercise. The facilities and activities promote an active, healthy lifestyle among students.

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Students’ Union

The SU advocates for students and represents their needs to the university administration through surveys, meetings and campaigns. ... It acts as a bridge between students and decision makers. The SU also manages an online jobs portal for students seeking part-time work. As the student representative body, the SU gives students a collective voice.

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Careers Support

Industry networking events connect students to potential employers. The university provides interview clothes and professional headshots for job seekers. ... Alumni serve as mentors and provide work shadowing opportunities for current students. The career services prepare students thoroughly for recruitment processes and job search.

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On-campus housing prioritizes proximity to classes and amenities for convenience. Residential advisors and staff offer support and foster a sense of community. ... Accommodation options cater to different budgets and needs like single, twin and family units. On-campus accommodation enables an immersive living and learning experience.

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Placements at the Technological University Dublin

Impressive Employment Opportunities

TU Dublin boasts a remarkable employment rate of over 90% for its graduates. A wide range of placement options are available for students to secure post-degree positions in Ireland. Approximately 61% of organisations have hired non-Irish applicants within the past year, indicating a diverse and inclusive employment environment.

Competitive Salary Growth

  • TU Dublin graduates see excellent year-on-year salary growth, with salaries projected to increase by up to 5% annually according to employer surveys.
  • Around 86% of employers increased TU Dublin graduate salaries last year, with 90% planning continued rises.

Average Salary Data

  • Emolument data shows TU Dublin University of Technology graduates earn an average annual salary of $70,000 USD.
  • Graduates in financial services earn the highest salaries, while engineering graduates average relatively lower wages of $35,000 USD.

Salary Breakdown by Degree

  • Executive Masters – Average salary of $113,000 USD.
  • MBA – Average salary of $98,000 USD.
  • Masters in Finance – Average salary of $96,000 USD.
  • Bachelor of Arts – Average salary of $80,000 USD.
  • Masters in Science – Average salary of $73,000 USD.

The above salary data demonstrates the earning potential of TU Dublin graduates across programs, with business and finance-related degrees resulting in the highest average salaries as per industry trends. However, even graduates from arts and science programs secure strong employment outcomes and earn considerably higher than the average salary for university graduates in Ireland.

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