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The one most important thing we tell our students who are looking for education options abroad is – we have been there!

We understand the importance of quality education, and we know the apprehension – and sometimes confusion – that students feel as they navigate the complex maze of information on various countries, programs, fee structures, scholarships, visas, work options and much more.
We strongly believe that quality education is a good investment, and accordingly try and guide students on the best options available depending on their backgrounds, finances and career objectives.

A key point to be considered when looking at a consultancy organization is the background and experience of the people who you actually interact with. We noticed this gap in the very large educational consultancies where the front-end counselors were not just experienced enough to be able to assist students to choose the best option, and the actual Directors were too busy to directly interact with the students. Understanding the importance of the first point of contact with the prospective student, we always have experienced counselors traveling across the country and advising students – this is also the reason why instead of opening multiple small offices with inexperienced people at the front-end, we choose to have regular interactions of experienced counselors in these locations instead. This also gives you the continuity in terms of support, as we do not have the problems of the front-end counselors changing jobs every now and then.

Another big advantage is our close association with the Universities. We visit the Universities regularly, and have a firsthand idea of the preferred programs in different Universities. We also advise you on the scholarship opportunities available, and try and get you the maximum possible scholarships depending on your background.

Working closely with the various embassies also ensures that we are up to date with the visa processes and document requirements. We thus also gauge a student’s background from the visa perspective in the very initial stages, and start advising him on the visa process from the first stage itself. This is the reason why we are able to consistently maintain a near 100% visa approval rate.
And finally, as we are associated with a large number of top quality institutions in different countries, the students have a large variety of choice both in terms of the countries and the Universities.

We strongly believe that a good quality education has a direct and a very important bearing on shaping a person’s career, and base our advice and consultation with this as the guiding principle.

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