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University College Cork

  • Founded in 1845, UCC has a rich tradition of scholarship and talented professionalism.
  • Home to over 20,000 vibrant undergraduate and postgraduate students.
  • Welcomes around 3,000 international students annually, contributing to multiculturalism and diversity.
  • Located in Cork, the second largest city in Ireland, enhancing the institution’s reputation.
  • Offers a highly research-led curriculum for holistic and pragmatic student development.
  • Emphasises industry collaboration, providing opportunities for placements, internships, and on-field experience.
  • Recognized as the world’s 1st green campus, demonstrating a commitment to sustainability.

About Cork City

Cork City is Ireland’s most expansive county, nestled in the country’s southernmost region. Bathed in a lively aura, steeped in culture, and teeming with warm-hearted locals, the city of Cork captivates with its magnetic allure of uniqueness and charm.

Cork City is celebrated for its impressive academic standing, with a student density surpassing the national average, creating an atmosphere of youth and vibrancy. Home to around 221,452 individuals, including a robust student community of nearly 35,000, the city provides cost-effective living and a one-of-a-kind lifestyle. 


An Overview University College Cork

University banner

University College Cork (UCC) is a renowned institution with a rich heritage in teaching, research, and scholarship. UCC Ireland attracts a diverse community of approximately 22,000 students from over 104 countries, making it a globally recognized educational institution. Notably, UCC holds the distinction of being the world’s first green campus, showcasing its commitment to environmental sustainability.

Located in Cork, Ireland’s vibrant second city, University College Cork  offers 130 degree and professional programs across its four distinguished Colleges – Arts, Celtic Studies and Social Sciences; Business and Law; Medicine and Health; and Science, Engineering and Food Science. With an emphasis on academic rigour, practical application, and industry engagement, University College Cork in Ireland prepares graduates for success in their chosen fields.

UCC Ireland is renowned for its high-impact academic scholarship and industry collaboration. With impressive graduate employment rates, UCC equips students with the skills and knowledge to thrive in the global workforce.

If you are interested in pursuing your higher education at the University College Cork Ireland, this guide has all the information you will need to get a fair understanding of the popular courses, application process, fees, and career prospects. Keep reading to find out! 

Popular Programs


If you’re considering undergraduate studies, the University College Cork Ireland is renowned worldwide for its exceptional teaching and research. The College of Science, Engineering, and Food Science offers a range of captivating programs at the undergraduate level. 

Here are some popular 4-year full-time degrees to pique your interest

BA (Hons) in Accounting and Finance

BA (Hons) in Business

BA (Hons) in Human Resource Management

BA (Hons) in Marketing Practice

BA (Hons) in Psychology

BSc (Hons) in Computing

BSc (Hons) in Data Science

BSc (Hons) in Technology Management

You’ll be glad to know that scholarships offering a 25% fee waiver are available for each of these courses.

If you’re thinking of pursuing postgraduate studies, UCC’s College of Science, Engineering, and Food Science also offers fantastic options.

Here are some recommended courses for Indian students – 

M.Sc. in Biotechnology
M.Sc. in Food Microbiology
M.Sc. in Food Science
M.Sc. in Data Science and Analytics
M.Sc. in Biology – Molecular Cell Biology with Bioinnovation
M.Sc. in Computer Science – Computing Science
M.Sc. in Computer Science – Interactive Media
M.Eng.Sc. in Engineering – Sustainable Energy


Scholarships with up to a 50% tuition fee waiver are available for many programs.
UCC’s Cork University Business School offers an array of exciting postgraduate programs for those interested in business and law. 

Check out these captivating courses – 

M.Sc. in Business Analytics
M.Sc. in Management and Marketing
M.Sc. in Innovation, Commercialization and Entrepreneurship
M.Sc. in Information Systems for Business Performance
M.Sc. in Food Business and Innovation
M.Sc. in Finance (Corporate Finance)
M.Sc. in Finance (Asset Management)
M.Sc. in Finance (Banking and Risk Management)

The College of Business and Law provides scholarships with a generous 3000-euro tuition fee waiver.

Remember that program availability and admission criteria of the University College Cork Ireland may vary.
For more detailed information, be sure to contact our experts at NewStrides.   

Why Study at the University College Cork

From academic excellence to industry relevance, University College Cork (UCC) shines as an ideal destination for higher education. The heart of UCC is its vibrant community of scholars and industry experts, offering a harmonious blend of rigorous academics and hands-on experiences.

Here, students are encouraged to develop critical thinking skills and gain professionally relevant experience that fuels their personal and monetary growth. UCC’s commitment to student success is reflected in its impressive post-graduation employment rates, frequently touching between 85% and 90%.


Let’s delve into why choosing UCC for your higher education is an extraordinary decision.

  • Research Excellence: UCC is hailed for making significant research contributions to various fields. UCC’s dedication to research shines through its top-notch research amenities and many research centres.
  • Collaborative Environment: UCC’s vibrant community encourages collaboration among students and faculty, fostering an environment conducive to intellectual growth and innovation.
  • Industry Relevance: The curriculum at UCC remains aligned with the evolving needs of the industry, ensuring that students are equipped with relevant knowledge and skills that resonate with employers.
  • Cultural Enrichment: As part of the student life at UCC, students can immerse themselves in Ireland’s rich cultural heritage, providing a holistic educational experience.
  • Proven Success: The consistently high post-graduation employment rates and recognition as “University of the Year” multiple times establish UCC’s reputation for student success and academic excellence.

Green Labs Community at University College Cork

The Green Labs Community at University College Cork is a bottom-up approach to lab sustainability. By providing information and support, they help labs become more environmentally friendly. 
Labs need to reduce their environmental impact in response to the urgent climate crisis. Even small changes can make a big difference in resource-intensive lab spaces. The Green Labs Community encourages labs to adopt sustainable practices and align with the LEAF program.
As a recipient of the Green Flag, UCC is committed to environmental responsibility. The Green Labs Community focuses on specific strategies to minimize labs’ resource demands and waste production.

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 At The University College Cork

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