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Munster Technological University

Quick Insights

  • Munster TU gained its university status in 2021. It merged with the Institute of Technology, Tralee and Cork Institute of Technology to form the second technological university in Ireland.
  • MTU has over 6 campuses, offering over 140 career-based courses designed to meet corporate requirements and industry challenges.
  • MTU Ireland offers a highly inclusive atmosphere with more than 1800 international students from more than 140 different countries. The university has taken significant steps to ensure equality, diversity, and inclusion among the students.
  • The university has a high employability rate due to its research-based programs and frequent placement and student employment counselling events held at all its campuses.
  • Munster University takes significant steps to develop eco-friendly solutions to tackle the modern challenges of sustainability and climate change.

About Cork City and Kerry

MTU has six campuses across Cork City and Co. Kerry. Cork is the second largest city in Ireland and is known for its rich cultural history, pleasant weather, and highly modern city infrastructure. The city has many shopping malls, travelling sites, and other facilities that ensure a top-quality lifestyle for the students of MTU. On the other side, on the southwest coast of Ireland is the beautiful county of Kerry.

Kerry is a peninsular county blessed with beautiful green meadows, islands, and beaches. Co. Kerry has a very pleasant atmosphere all year round with unique subtropical weather that sets it apart from the rest of Europe. Kerry receives a high amount of rain every year, and the climate is suitable for tropical flora like strawberry trees and tree ferns. Overall, MTU campuses are located in urban yet green locations, so the students enjoy an engaging life with a perfect blend of nature and modernity.

An Overview About Munster Technological University

Munster Technological University is the second technological university in Ireland, and it offers more than 140 course programs for students seeking a career-based higher education in Ireland. At the heart of all of it is the MTU Bishoptown Campus, which is the main centre of all MTU’s Cork campuses. The Cork Campuses offer courses related to engineering, computing, business, science, media communications, and humanities.
Similarly, the Kerry North campus also covers courses such as science & technology, Creative Media, Engineering, Food, Culinary Arts and cookery, Health, and Leisure and fitness. The Kerry South campus has three principal schools, the School of Business, the School of Science, Technology, and the School of Health & Social Sciences. The campus is known for its innovative research and PhD programs. Other MTU campuses are MTU Crawford College of Art & Design, MTU Cork School of Music, National Maritime College of Ireland, and MTU Blackrock Castle Observatory.

Popular Programs

Offered by MTU

MTU Ireland offers around 140 innovative courses developed on the basis of research and practical industry analysis.

Here are some of the most popular courses offered at MTU’s 6 fully-equipped campuses

MSc Nursing

Master of Engineering Structural Engineering

MA E-learning Design and Development

MA Art and Process

BSc Applied Biosciences

BSc Architecture

Biomedical Engineering

BSc Coaching and Sports Performance

Why Study at Munster Technological University?

Munster University is the only second technological university in Ireland with 6 campuses that offer top-quality career-based educational programs.
MTU gained its university status in 2021, so it is a new university that understands modern corporate requirements and enables students
to be work-ready during the course programs.

Here are some key factors that make MTU one of the best institutes for higher education in Ireland-

  • MTU became a university in 2021 and has over 18000 full-time and part-time students studying in over 140 different professional courses.
  • MTU Ireland is popular for its latest courses on Data Sciences, Data Analytics, Cybersecurity, and International Business. These courses are specifically designed to meet international market requirements today.
  • MTU’s 6 campuses ensure sufficient space, well-equipped classrooms and an overall engaging learning experience for students from different parts of the world.
  • MTU also conducts several innovative events to maintain a highly inclusive and motivating atmosphere for international students.
  • Munster Technological University also has dedicated research facilities for PhD and other research and development courses focussing on current industrial development and sustainability challenges.

Student Experience At Munster Technological University

A Strategic Approach

MTU takes a strategic approach to ensure a productive and engaging learning experience for the students. Their "Our Shared Vision" strategic ...plan is a unique method where the university focuses on empowering various MTU activities such as increasing investments in MTU's staff and community activities, developing innovative ways of delivering a work-ready educational experience, and achieving impactful results with all the MTU's research and development projects

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Sustainability & Community

Munster TU has a keen focus on sustainability and eco-friendliness as it prioritizes the importance of providing a green and lively learning experience. ... A wide range of research activities are conducted continuously to develop innovative solutions to meet industrial and corporate sustainability challenges. MTU also has a Green Campus Mission, which focuses specifically on engaging students, staff, and technology for various on-campus sustainability activities. MTU is also one of the few universities in Ireland with over 15 years of research on water conservation, developing various convenient methods to overcome the daily small and medium-scale challenges of water management.

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Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion

One of the prominent slogans of MTU is Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion. With over 18000 students and thousands of international students ...from different parts of the world, MTU has one of the most diverse campus atmospheres in Ireland. To ensure inclusivity in such a

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Placements at Munster Technological University

Innovative Employment and Placement Opportunities
MTU’s schools of higher education have various innovative Ireland and abroad placement programs for students. MTU has several partnerships with top companies and universities across Europe, and the innovative placement programs provide attractive opportunities for abroad work placements and employment for the students.

Quick Employment and Faster Career Growth
MTU’s innovative career-based course programs are developed after intense research and in-depth market analytics. So, the students receive a highly practical learning experience that prepares them for the modern work culture and industrial challenges they may experience in the actual work scenario. This work-ready education coupled with the in-depth employment campaigns and interactive sessions with industry leaders and company representatives ensures quick employment, larger salary packages and faster career growth for MTU students.

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