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Maynooth University

Interesting Facts You Must Know

  • Maynooth University Ireland is ranked no.1 in Ireland in Times Higher Education Best Young University Rankings for 2023.
  • It has over 1100+ research active staff and over 500 ongoing externally funded research projects.
  • MU has over 15000 students from more than 100 different countries, making it one of the most diverse and inclusive institutes in Ireland.
  • Established in 1997 as an autonomous institute, Maynooth University has over 25 years of experience. However, the origins of this institute have links with the foundation of The Royal College of St. Patrick in 1795.
  • The research-based programs designed at MU focus on fundamental challenges in various industries, ensuring that the graduates receive world-class education and quick employment in their respective fields.
  • MU also offers well-equipped education facilities, urban accommodations, and a vibrant modern campus that offers an engaging and fun learning experience.

About Maynooth

Maynooth is a historical town located just 25 km from Dublin. So, the town is easily accessible and has all the required basics and amenities for students. It also has a rich educational history spanning back up to 200 years, when King George III founded St. Patrick’s College in 1795. Maynooth University separated from the St. Patrick’s College in 1997, however, the university still shares several facilities and campus space with St. Patrick’s. Along with the historic campus of Maynooth University, Maynooth is also home to several historic churches and the Royal Canal designed in 1790. The town has all the basic facilities, including interesting retail markets and a full-fledged public community library, which hosts several engaging events every year.

An Overview of Maynooth University

Maynooth University has two beautiful campuses offering an engaging and vibrant learning experience. On one side, you have the southern campus, which has a beautiful 19th-century infrastructure. Some sections of this campus are shared with the St. Patrick’s College. Maynooth University’s northern campus is only within walking distance from the southern campus. The northern campus is a new campus spread across 100 acres of lush green land. It has a modern infrastructure with the latest facilities, hi-tech labs, and research facilities for cutting-edge research and development. Maynooth University acceptance rate is high as it offers more than 150 innovative research-based course programs that cover specific industrial challenges, solutions, and strategies. Maynooth University uses a student-centric approach where they prioritize student experience and actively conduct surveys to understand student requirements and expectations with campus life and the course curriculum.

Popular courses

at Maynooth University

Maynooth University has developed a range of unique programs, designed in alignment with recent
developments and corporate requirements of various industries.

Here are some of the most popular Maynooth University courses

MA Accounting

MSc Business Management

MSc Digital Marketing

MSc International Business

MSc Immunology and Global Health

MSc IT- Enable Innovation

MSc Economics

MSc Data Science and Analytics

MSc Psychology

MSc Sound and Music Computing

MA Critical and Creative Media

Why Study at Maynooth University?

If you are seeking higher education options in Ireland, Maynooth University Ireland is certainly one of the best options.

Here are some key points why you should consider joining Maynooth Ireland University for undergraduate and postgraduate programs-

  • Maynooth University is currently ranked No.1 in Times Higher Education (THE) Best Young University Rankings.
  • With more than 150 postgraduate and undergraduate programs and an in-depth understanding of modern educational requirements, MU offers the perfect atmosphere for students seeking higher education in Ireland.
  • The university has made significant efforts in its research activities. With over 500 active externally funded research programs and over 170 industry partnerships, Maynooth Ireland University offers great scope for students.
  • MU has also developed a friendly and engaging atmosphere for international students. They have staff and students from over a hundred different countries, and the university hosts several engaging events and activities to offer a fun and lively campus life.

The Perfect Student Experience at Maynooth University

Sports and Student Life

To ensure a top-quality student life Maynooth University has a dedicated focus on sports and other extra-curricular activities. Both campuses offer full-fledged sporting facilities that include both indoor and outdoor sports, along with fitness centres, weight training rooms, and an outdoor gym. The MU Clubs and Societies are another attractive feature that allows students to connect via various social activities and engaging events.

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Campus Facilities and Accommodation

One of the most popular features of student life at MU is the beautiful combination of history and modern campus facilities. Students get all the required facilities inside the campus, which includes a photocopying service, postal service, MU Bookshop, student study areas, modern lecture theatres, and a full-fledged university library. Maynooth University Ireland also has an on-campus student accommodation service, which offers fully furnished urban residence facilities for MU students. Students can also take the help of the home finder service to find affordable accommodation outside the campus.

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Student Wellbeing & Support

Maynooth University gives equal importance to student well-being and academics. To develop a healthy academic life to student-life balance, MU offer highly experienced staff to provide advice, guidance, employment counselling and various other student well-being processes. These services are easily accessible, convenient and high informative, ensuring sufficient support and assistance for students encountering challenges.

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Placements at Maynooth University

Dedicated Placement Processes

MU has a dedicated placement tea m to ensure the streamlined integration of its students into competitive job positions in their respective fields. Students are exposed to several placement events, where they can engage with the employers and understand placement processes to ensure quick employment.

Wide Range Employment Options

The experienced faculty of Maynooth University understands that a singular solution cannot work when it comes to student placements. Students from various fields require sufficient employment and career growth opportunities to meet their career goals. Therefore, MU has made over 170 industry partnerships, which include Small and Medium-sized Enterprises, Government Departments, Multinational companies, and International Enterprises from different industries and fields.

Integrated Placement Programs

Students can also gain significant work experience during their course duration with integrated work placement programs. These courses include a
short-term placement session, which allows the student to understand the work culture and deal with actual real-life professional challenges during the course program. Students seeking international placement can also choose the international placement program, where the students get international work placement for the required period of time.

The Perfect Student Experience at Maynooth University

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