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Southeast Technological University


         A quick view of why it is one of the best institutes in Ireland

  • SETU is the first technological university in Southeast Ireland, formed after merging two existing institutes IT Waterford and IT Carlow. So, SETU offers a wide range of innovative courses across two campuses in southeast Ireland.
  • It is ranked 454 in the QS World University Rankings in 2024 due to its quality of education, higher employability rate, and in-depth focus on student support, which includes career counselling, financial support, medical assistance and other facilities.
  • SETU believes in innovation and strongly invests in research and development to find innovative programs that help students master the latest technology and strategies applied in the corporate world.
  • SETU is also known for its innovative events, club activities, and collaborations, which focus on inclusivity, engagement, and the development of key skills that help students excel in their career path.
  • Along with present developments, SETU has highly promising plans for the future. The university is planning to merge the Waterford, Carlow, Wexford, Wicklow and Kilkenny campuses to streamline programs and research activities and create a wider scope of opportunities for its students.

About Southeast Ireland

The Southeast region of Ireland is known for its beautiful nature and rich culture. SETU has its campuses in some of the most popular cities in the region. The counties of Carlow, Waterford, Kilkenny, and Wexford all have several scenic sites to visit, and the towns have urban facilities that students may require during the course period. The Southeast region also has a beautiful community, which is quite friendly towards international students. Students can find highly affordable accommodation facilities and other amenities in this region and also engage in several events and activities conducted by the local clubs here.

An Overview of Southeast Technological University

Southeast Technological University (SETU) is the only technological university in Southeast Ireland. It has campuses in Carlow, Waterford, Kilkenny, and Wexford, offering more than 200 different undergraduate and postgraduate courses. The campuses are known for their urban classrooms, fully-equipped research facilities, and friendly engaging staff. The course programs at SETU are specifically designed in alignment with the latest research and the current challenges in the practical world. The students are provided with real-life scenarios to develop problem-solving abilities and also gain experience in actual work life during the course period. Along with academic excellence, SETU also focuses on student support, to ensure a healthy and productive campus life. To achieve this, SETU actively hosts events and indulges in support activities, including financial support, career advice, and student counselling.

Popular Programs


Here’s a short list of the most popular programs offered by SETU

Bachelor of Business (Honours) in Management

Bachelor of Business (Honours) in Human Resource Management

Bachelor of Business (Honours) in International Business

Bachelor of Business (Honours) in Accounting & Finance

Bachelor of Arts (Honours) Sports Management & Coaching

Bachelor of Arts Content Creation and Social Media

Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Digital Marketing with Analytics

Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Biosciences with Biopharmaceuticals

Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Pharmaceutics and Drug Formulation

Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Cybercrime and IT Security

Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering

Why study at Southeast Technological University Ireland?

SETU is a top-ranked university in Ireland and is well-known for its contributions to the community and the overall growth of business in Ireland.
So, if you are seeking higher education in Ireland, SETU is one of the best options. Here are some reasons why,

  • SETU ranks #454 in QS World University Rankings for 2024. So, it is a globally recognized university that maintains international education standards.
  • SETU students learn from the latest curriculum that helps them master the latest strategies and technology currently being used in the industry.
  • At the core of SETU’s success is its highly experienced staff and assistance teams that ensure the best learning experience for the students. The lecturers focus on every student to ensure their steady progress during the course.
  • Students also get in-depth support from the support team, which ensures a balanced campus life where the student gets to participate in various engaging activities apart from the academic process.
  • SETU has a diverse community of students. The university has over 16000 students and a large circle of international students from over a hundred different countries. The clubs and activities conducted on the campus ensure an engaging and inclusive experience for all.

The Fun and Engaging Learning Experience At SETU

Beautiful Green Campuses

SETU's Campuses have several dedicated sports areas, gyms, libraries, and gardens. One of the most attractive features of these campuses is its greenery. ... The entire campus consists of rich gardens and green scenic areas where the students can study, engage with friends, or just relax . SETU has also taken significant steps to promote sustainability and eco-friendliness on the campus. These factors help create a pleasant and energetic experience at the campus.

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Urban Accommodation Facilities

Urban Accommodation Facilities - The Southeast Technological University has a perfectly balanced blend of rich history, nature, and modernity. ... To ensure a top-quality campus life, SETU offers highly modern accommodation and other lifestyle facilities on all its campuses. The on-campus has all the required amenities like well-furnished rooms, reading areas, a kitchen, and various other facilities. The students can also choose private accommodation or self-catering in houses or apartments.

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Extensive Student Support

The Southeast Technological University greatly values student well-being and progress. This is the reason why the university has made significant efforts support students throughout the course program and ensure a stress-free, fun, and engaging campus life. Students get support from qualified staff who help students with financial support, career guidance, mental health counselling, and placement guidance. SETU also has a dedicated office for international students' assistance where the students can get all the information and guidance during their course period.

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Placements At the Southeast Technological University

Career Guidance and Counselling
SETU understands that the students may not always have a clear idea about their career goals. Therefore, to assist students in choosing the right career path and achieving their career goals, SETU offers dedicated student counselling and career guidance. The expert staff regularly focuses on a student’s progress and conducts interactive one-on-one sessions to shape a perfect career path that meets a student’s interests and career plans.

Innovative Career Options
SETU has industry-level partnerships with several national and international organizations that help students get work-ready during the course. The students get to interact with company representatives and industry experts, allowing them to understand the work culture well in advance.

Work Placement
The programs offered at SETU have a work placement program where a student gets to work in a real-life workplace for several weeks and gain experience before entering the corporate world.

These intelligent and strategic steps by SETU have had a significant impact as it has grown to
be one of the universities with the highest employability rates in Ireland.

At the Southeast Technological University

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