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Overseas Education Consultants

Our unique approach to Education and Consulting is guided by our years of experience at top-notch Universities in US, Europe and India, as well as at businesses like IDX Corporation (Boston), National Grid USA, 3M Europe, John Hancock, Data General, Novell USA, J & J USA, Ford Motor Co. USA, First Data USA, WIPRO, CMC and much more, making us one of the best overseas education consultants.

With alumni from IIM Bangalore, Boston University and the University of Massachusetts as our founding members, we understand the importance of quality education. Our extensive – and personal – experience with shortlisting the right Universities, as well as our intimate familiarity with the scholarship grant process, enables us to provide critically important advice to students that result in higher acceptance rates as well as higher scholarship awards.

We directly represent top institutions in various countries including the UK and Ireland. We have regular management level exchanges with them, with various Universities visiting our offices regularly and our executives visiting their campuses to stay informed of their admission and financial assistance policies. During such meetings, they routinely make us aware of their enrollment needs in various programs, and we present them with student resumes in order to expedite the admissions process. Such close interaction not only allows us to have access to the most up to date information on their programs and available scholarships but also facilitates an ideal match between their requirements and our students’ experience and qualifications.

Overseas Education Consultants in Bangalore, Pune, New Delhi, & Mumbai

We have offices in Bangalore, Pune, New Delhi, Mumbai & Colombo. We tend to be the best overseas education consultants in Bangalore. We provide end to end solution for your study abroad programs, as we understand how important it is for you and your family.

We are the trusted overseas education consultants for the Embassy of Ireland, and our Directors are also certified by the British Council.

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