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The crucial role pharmaceutical companies played in the development of vaccines and other life-saving drugs during the recent COVID-19 pandemic is one of the latest examples of how important pharmaceutical science is in the current world. Pharmacies around the world help healthcare facilities provide effective medication to improve the overall health and well-being of the people. So, if you wish to be a part of the healthcare system and develop a respectful career that gives back to the community, a master’s in pharmaceutical science in Ireland would be the best choice. Are you wondering how to study abroad at a top university in Ireland? Well, here’s all you need to know about Ms in pharmacy in Ireland.

What Is a Master's in Pharmaceutical Science?

Pharmaceutical Science deals with the development, optimization, and delivery of medication and drugs, helping healthcare facilities provide effective treatment to patients suffering from different mild or chronic health conditions. The pharmacy courses in Ireland cover a wide range of theoretical and practical subjects on medical chemistry, drug development, and production. Top universities in Ireland offer engaging learning sessions, which include direct interaction with industry experts and company representatives. Students also receive career counselling and other developmental programs that ensure quick employment and career progress.


What is the scope of MS in Pharmacy in Ireland?


Completing a pharmacy master’s in Ireland offers massive scope, especially for international students. Ireland is home to several top pharmaceutical companies, which actively hire qualified students from the top universities in the country. Universities in Ireland are also popular for their international quality education setup. Students receive top-class education familiarizing them with the global pharmaceutical standards and work practices. This is why most students find employment within six months of course completion from a top university in Ireland. With an MSc in pharmacy, you can apply for top job positions such as,

⦁ Pharmacist
⦁ Chemist
⦁ Pharmaceutical sales representative
⦁ Medical Science Liaison
⦁ Clinical Research Associate
⦁ Drug Design and Discovery
⦁ Pharmacologist

Who Can Pursue MSC in Pharmaceutical Science?

Bachelor degree holders with a valid level 8 certificate from a relevant Science and engineering background can apply for MSc Pharmaceutical Science courses in Ireland. Here are some basic eligibility requirements-


Academic Records

The students must provide all the academic certificates to validate their academic history. The admission authority may require original documents, so make sure you have all the documents ready before application.


English Proficiency

English is the most commonly used language in Ireland. So, the admission authority may require English proficiency test scores from IELTS, TOEFL, or PTE to ensure that the applicant is capable of following the course programs in English.



Along with all the documents and certificates the applicant must also attach an elaborate resume which provides sufficient information about their career goals, purpose of visit, personal interests, and other activities.

Universities Offering Master's in Pharmaceutical Science in Ireland

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