Top Reasons Why Indian Students Head Abroad For Higher Education

For Indian students, studying abroad in some leading countries is the door to many new opportunities and a fabulous career. According to RedSeer, by 2024, nearly 2 million Indian students will spend almost $85 billion studying higher education courses abroad.

India is a highly populous country, and there is intense competition for educational courses and high-paying jobs. A degree from top countries like US, Canada, UK, Ireland, Germany, Switzerland etc. is the key for Indian students to succeed in education, employment and research.

Following are the main reasons why Indian students are heading abroad for higher education:

Wide options

One of the main reasons why Indian students are heading abroad is the sheer variety of courses to opt from. In spite of the swift progress of higher education courses in India, most universities only offer conventional courses in a limited way. Indian students are forced to join such courses because of a lack of other options. For example, there is a high demand for courses in engineering and medicine, with tight competition for the best institutes.

But as regards education in foreign shores, there is a wide variety of courses to choose from and there are many colleges and universities to choose from, like universities in Ireland for master’s degree programs. Quality education can be accessed from top-notch institutions. Indian students can also opt for courses in their wide fields of interest.

Easy process of admission

In the case of most study abroad programs, the process of admission is quite simple. There is no need for individualised entrance tests or interviews. The only requirement is to submit your transcripts and other simple documents to the specific universities. Some institutions also offer scholarship programs for foreign students.

In India, top-tier institutions with much fewer seats have a high level of competition for the millions of students seeking them. But the latter can gain access to such courses in an easier way to top colleges abroad. By studying at a foreign university, Indian students can escape this rat race for top Indian colleges and achieve their dream jobs.

Access to take part in research

Indian students trying to study abroad do so in order to get the opportunity to take part in cutting-edge research at many universities abroad. Such facilities offer the opportunity to take part in some of the leading research work in the world. Also, students can access state-of-art resources and equipment which might not be possible in India.

When students work with expert and experienced faculty members, they can learn much in the fields of their interest and develop the knowledge and skills required for success in the careers of their choice.

With a degree from a highly reputed foreign university, there is much increase in research prospects of Indian students. Firstly, top institutions of research will be much more open to welcome them. Secondly, experience in research in foreign institutions will help Indian students to work for research projects in prominent businesses like Apple, Google or Microsoft.

High quality of education

One of the main reasons why Indian students are travelling abroad for higher studies is the higher quality of education and opportunities for work. The system of education in India often faces criticism for being rote or memory-based rather than being based on creativity and critical thinking.

Students who go abroad for higher studies mostly find that they can learn in a more effective manner and gain a deeper insight into the subject matter of the course of their choice, because of the superior quality of education. Also, they gain access to facilities and resources of better quality that can make a huge impact on the overall experience of learning.

Developing a global mindset

There has been a coincidence of rising globalization with the trend of Indian students studying abroad. Thus, there is much demand for the development of a ‘global mindset’. The latter is defined as ‘a set of beliefs and attitudes which enable persons to function effectively in a highly interdependent world.’

The development of a global mindset is one of the main reasons why Indian students are so obsessed with pursuing higher studies abroad. One way to do this is by arrangement of study in Ireland for Indian students and even in other leading countries. With greater integration of the Indian economy with the global economy, there is a need for Indian students to gain a global perspective for the sake of successful careers.

Cultural immersion is a major way to develop a global mindset and this can be experienced when Indians study abroad and interact with students from all around the world. Through living and interacting with the latter, Indian students learn to think outside their cultural framework and learn to be open-minded. 

They also gain the valuable skills of inter-cultural communication and adaptability which are useful in the modern workplace. Because of the growing inter-connection of the world, there is a need to develop respect for people and ideas of the whole world.

Superior life experiences

Another major reason to study abroad is the opportunity for better life experiences. Pursuit of studies in a foreign country reveals to students, exposure to new ideas, peoples and cultures. This can help in developing a more broad-based world-view. Students who pursue higher studies abroad help gain a broader point of view towards other cultures and persons.

For Immigration

Indian students also pursue higher education abroad with the objective of moving from India to a foreign country by immigration. Thus, the main reason for studying abroad is to immigrate to that country. Countries like the USA and Canada are welcoming immigrants to their shores by offering attractive opportunities for employment. As per recent research, 80% of Asian students choose to continue to live abroad after gaining their degrees. The majority of Indians consider foreign degrees as an amazing opportunity to live and work abroad.

Learn to be independent

Studying abroad is a great way to become independent and responsible. It is quite exciting and challenging to throw yourself into a totally new environment.

Make enduring connections

Indian students studying abroad are able to forge life-long connections with persons from other countries and backgrounds. For one, they will become familiar with the local culture of the country where they are studying. This will help in making friendships that endure for a long time.

In sum, these are the main reasons why Indian students are hankering to pursue higher studies abroad. They wish to make use of the potential for a bright future after gaining the imprint of a foreign degree on their resume. They will become fit for a modern career because of their global mindset.

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