Why Do We Need an Education Consultant to Study Abroad?

Today, there are a lot of options of both countries and Universities to choose from when planning to study abroad. With hundreds of options of courses and all University websites giving almost similar details, it becomes very difficult to choose both the University and the course just by researching on the internet. Continue reading “Why Do We Need an Education Consultant to Study Abroad?”

Do Consultants Really Help Students to Study Abroad?

Nowadays, most students aspire to get an overseas degree – this is both due to the tough competition in India to get into a reputed college or University, and also because of the very good standard of education abroad with stress on practical aspects of education. Continue reading “Do Consultants Really Help Students to Study Abroad?”

The ABCDE of Study Abroad

Choosing the right option to study abroad – whether going for an undergraduate or a postgraduate program – can be a daunting task for most. With so many countries and institutions to choose from, students and parents alike can get easily confused by information overload. Moreover, with the amount of clatter generated Continue reading “The ABCDE of Study Abroad”

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