Questions to Ask Your Study Abroad Advisor

After deciding to take the plunge, there are many questions to ask for study abroad that can come to mind. Which country is right for me? Will I get admission to one of the top universities?

Are there any overseas scholarships, or schemes that provide financial assistance? Will I get a job after completion of study? Will I get a part-time job while studying? What about my visa application? What would my overall study abroad experience be like?

What Does a Study Abroad Advisor Do?

A good study abroad consultancy is the right place to start your planning for selecting the right overseas education option.

While you definitely need to do your own research and look at the University and country websites in detail, you should also note down all the questions that you need to ask a study abroad consultant both for confirmation and also for additional information that may not be available on the websites.

Important Questions to Ask At Your Study Abroad Advisor

The first and one of the most important study abroad questions is – which country should I opt for? The answer to this varies from person to person, and would depend on your requirements.

The study abroad consultant will talk to you in detail to know your requirement, and then suggest accordingly.

The country selected would depend a lot on course of interest, budget, opportunities expected after the course, and the visa requirements of the specific country.

The country selected would depend a lot on the course, as one country for example might be better for those pursuing Management programs, another one for those taking up IT, and another one for those keen on hospitality, and so on.

A study abroad advisor can give you good personal insights on the career possibilities after a particular course, and can even help you connect with people who have taken up similar options in the past.

Once the country is decided, the University is the next important decision. While rankings play an important part in the University selection and are available online for everyone to see, there are a lot of other important factors too that need to be considered, and a Study Abroad Consultant can give you extra inputs on the same.

The particular course might be better in one particular University, your academic percentage might not qualify you for another, there could be some scholarships which might be possible on offer in another University, etc.

And finally, the visa requirement of different countries can vary a lot from one to another, so it might be a good idea to ask questions about the visa applications and visa process from your study abroad consultant right at the beginning of the process.

The finances required to be shown differ according to the country selected, and so does the paperwork for the same.

A few countries have a personal interview at the time of the visa application, whereas in the case of others you just need to submit the documents and the decisions are made subsequently by the visa office after scrutinizing your documents.

Finances play a very important part, so the study abroad advisor could discuss your available finances with you apart from the other requirements and discuss with you how to present the documentation to the embassy in a structured way so that the visa chances could be maximised.

In Conclusion

To sum up, a study abroad consultant plays a very important role in ensuring that you have a smooth journey right from the country and University selection stage to the final stage of actually reaching your destination, so it is extremely important that you choose the consultant very carefully, so that your dream to study abroad materialises smoothly and without any problems.

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