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With a large number of Universities and programs offered, the United States is undoubtedly an ideal location to study. The United States has one of the finest university systems. Almost 40% of the top 100 Universities of the world are located in the US with outstanding programs in virtually all fields. It is an especially sought after destination for MS and MBA programs, and offers excellent opportunities subsequently for study in USA.


US education is recognized all over the world. They have decades of experience with international students from all over the world. The process leading to admissions for study in USA is comparatively tougher. To enter into a good University in the US, students need to have a good academic record, and are also required to take exams like GRE/GMAT/SAT for admission apart from TOEFL.

Students also need to apply to 7–8 Universities, write different essays for each college, get Letters of Recommendation from college/work, and appear for personal/telephonic interviews to qualify for study in USA.

Study in USA for Indian students is also comparatively more expensive. Depending on the profile and the program selected, financial aid is offered by some of the US Universities, and a lot of our students have been successful in joining top Universities with full financial aid! When you choose to study in USA, you will likely find that the campuses provide a rich variety of academic, cultural and athletic activities that add new dimensions to your life.


NewStrides has a liaison office in Shrewsbury, about 30 miles from Boston. We are in constant touch with various Universities and thus have a crystal clear idea about the admissions process/financial aid availability etc. This way, we are able to maintain an excellent record of admissions/scholarships for study in USA for Indian students. When one plans to study in USA , he is not making a choice to broaden his educational opportunities only, but also his cultural experience.

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